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as i've got more free time i'm like to inform that im open for any GFX requests again.

If you're interested just write about it on forums or contact me via community forums or Skype: axosxmira
Want to see some of my projects? Go to gallery.

What style i operate?

I prefer to mix modern and fantasy style which is not to heavy but effective if we're talking about gaming GFX. Full fantasy style is already outdated and most of them is looking almost the same. Fantasy style is most heavy because it's packed with large amount of graphics and therefore it is neither readable nor fast but still i'm able to make that.

What i can do for you with static GFX?

  • Logos, logotypes - every project is unique
  • Banners, signatures
  • Advertisements materials - posters, standalone GFX for long AD's
  • Gaming CMS templates - modern and fantasy mix, fast, stable and without glitches based on original default theme or template/idea shared by customer. Pricing is just for template, not for logotype, banners etc.
  • Full .psd to CMS templates - modern and fantasy mix or full fantasy style with large amount of frames, elements and effects. Template based on customer needs or look-a-like themes
  • Intro websites - one page intro without or with choices, menu and major links
  • Interior games elements - if you want to change game UI, make some changes in whole interface or elements in-game im able to make that with unpacked sources which are able to edit.
  • Interior games main UI - i'm able to remake actuall UI to style you like or make brand new, unique for your gameserver/game.
  • And any other.

What i can do for you with animations, movies and .gif's?

  • Animated Website Headers
  • Animated Banners like toplists
  • Animated Avatars or Signatures
  • Animated Intro Background

Other not mentioned for web needs

Can i make something for free?

I don't think so, if there's something free than it's in "Resources" category or shared on other forums, but i'm not doing any free stuff anymore. Before i made thousands of GFX for free or exchange and alot of good ideas and projects was wasted and can't be used anymore.

How long you need to wait for project?

Not for long, but as most of us i've got family and other job so all orders are done mostly at night. Smaller projects like banners, logotypes can be done in 1-2 days, but for templates or big posters/advertisements and animated things it's mostly 2-5 days.

Contact to me?

You can contact me via forums, on Private Message.
You can contact me via Skype: axosxmira

Want some previews or more info? Ok! Contact me!


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