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DMN CMS 1.1.8 + support s14/s15 + premium plugins

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  • Fast And Easy Installation
  • Fast Automatic Upgrade System
  • Plugin System (Develope Your Own Modules)
  • Supports Unlimited Amount Of Servers
  • Multilanguage Support
  • Seo Friendly
  • Any Type Of WebServer Support
  • More Than 1000 Configuration Options In Administration Panel
  • Free Setup
  • Active Support / Development


  • News Page
  • Registration Page
  • Lost password page
  • Downloads Page
  • Rankings Page
    • Players Ranking
    • Guilds Ranking
    • Voters Ranking
    • Killers Ranking
    • Gens Ranking
    • Online Ranking
    • BC Ranking
    • DS Ranking
    • CC Ranking
    • Duel Ranking
    • Gens Ranking
    • Online Players List
    • Ban List
    • GM List
  • About Page
    • Info About Server
    • Server Statistics
    • Market Statistics
    • Cry Wolf Info
    • Castle Siege Info
  • Info Page
    • Info About Character
      • Character Stats
      • Character Account Info
      • Character Guild Info
      • View Character Inventory
    • Info About Guild
  • Media Page
  • Guides Page
  • Rules Page



  • Account Panel (Switch between user modules)
  • Account Logs (Every action user did can be found here)
  • Shop Page (Supports every item and option up to Season 14)
  • Shopping Card (Purchase any amount of items at once)
  • Donation Page (10 automatic methods)
    • Paypal
    • Paymentwall
    • 2CheckOut
    • PagSeguro
    • Fortumo
    • PayGol
    • SuperRewards
    • PayCall
    • Interkassa
    • CuentaDigital
    • Can add any other method on request
  • Market Page (Buy / Sell items for Web/Game currency or Jewels, advanced item filter)
  • Market Logs (View currently selling, sold items, restore items fro market)
  • Warehouse Page (Remove trash items, send items to market or web warehouse)
  • Web Warehouse Page (Supports unlimited amount of items to be stored)
  • Refferal System (Very wide configuration)
  • Vip System (Supported by any server files, unlimited vip packages)
  • Reset System (Very wide configuration)
  • GrandReset System (Very wide configuration)
  • Add Stats System
  • Reset Stats System
  • Hide Character Info Page
  • Wcoin Exchange System
  • Warp Character System
  • PK Clear System
  • Clear Inventory System
  • Clear SkillTree System
  • Zen Wallet
  • VoteReward System (7 api support, monthly reward support)
  • Change Class System
  • Change Name System
  • Buy Level System
  • Buy Stats System
  • Buy GM Status System
  • Trade Online Time System
  • Stats Specialization System (Save and load your character stat builds)
  • Account Settings Page (Change passwor, email, recover master key)
  • Ticket / Support System
  • Email Notification



  • DashBoard WIth Usefull information
  • News Composer
  • Galery Manager
  • Downloads Manager
  • Website Settings Pages (More that 1000 Configuration Options)
  • Logs Pages
  • Server Manager (Accounts, Characters, Server List, IP Tools)
  • Bulk Mailer (Send bulk emails to your players)
  • Shop Manager (Add/Edit/Import Items, Edit Categories, Socket, Ancient, Harmony Options, Edit Warehouse, Web Currencies, Search Items)
  • Support Page (Read/Answer Support Request, Create Support Departments)
  • GM Manager (Add/Remove/Edit GameMasters, Set GM Announcement)
  • VoteReward Manager (Add/Edit/Remove Voting Links)
  • Guides Manager(Add/Edit/Remove Guides)

GM Feature

  • Ban Unban Characters/Accounts
  • Search Tools
  • IP Tools
  • Credits Added




Gratis by Evilek:

-add support s14

-add support s15

-Premium Plugin: Character Market PluginPaddle Plugin, ruud_exchange, mercadopago, Top Monster Killer RankingsExchange Web Currency Stats Specialization PluginWalletOne Plugin and more



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bro.. this is a crack version of yours or this is the same that you post in the last year?

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I have problem with ionclube installation, what version you use Evilek?

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Paid webhost is recommended but you can setup it on VPS also, but please don't do that.

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This websites version doesnt work on files IGCN Season 15, because some table in database MuOnline rignt now is different. for install this you need to change table on files install database.

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What is it ?

Notice: Undefined index: e in C:\xampp\htdocs\index.php on line 22



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