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  1. ImperialmuCMS 2.0.12 http://imperiacms.com/ support Season 16 ! [+] [Language] Added strings: settings_txt_23 - settings_txt_24, hide_1 - hide_14, market_txt_227 - market_txt_234, exc_opt_ice_dragon_0 - exc_opt_ice_dragon_4, exc_opt_ice_dragon_bonus_0 - exc_opt_ice_dragon_bonus_4, item_detail_txt_18 - item_detail_txt_29, vault_txt_4 - vault_txt_12, register_txt_37 - register_txt_39, transfercoins_txt_19 - transfercoins_txt_20 [+] [Language] Modified strings: transfercoins_txt_2 [+] [AdminCP] Added new paid module - Hex Code Replace Tool (updates items in Items Inventory and Claim a Reward modules with selected hex code - can be used to fix custom jewels new category and/or just update rewards or items) [+] Added new Premium Plus module - Hide Status [+] Added My History page in Market module [+] Enabled Event Inventory module on S9 [+] Added support to improve SX items in My Vault module [+] Added support to improve 4th wings in My Vault module [+] Added support to improve new pendants (exc + socket) in My Vault module [+] Added new configs to My Vault module - price & max opts configurations for SX options [+] Improved tooltip of Fenrir, Ghost Horse and Ice Dragon mounts [+] Added "Confirm Email Address" into register form [+] Added javascript checks for password and email confirmations [+] Disabled option to paste text into password and email confirmations [+] Added support for multi-warehouse system in My Vault module [+] Added new config to Transfer Coins module - tax percentage [-] Removed support for recaptcha v1 [!] [AdminCP] Fixed socket edit issues [!] Fixed two-fact auth not sending an email [!] Fixed incorrect language in recaptcha [!] Fixed SQL error in weekly and monthly Guild rankings
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