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    Hello community this launcher is free and has basic functions. Download Link: https://cloud.ptynetwork.com/drive/s/sx9Sb3HHgLoZE4sRCzTyudLICUDz0z Password: PTYNETWORK Details: Autoupdate. Window Mode. Set resolution screen. Set On and Off music and sound. Default Account. Set min and max color. Credits: MY HEART
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    http://www.mediafire.com/file/aulddgqadh3ve8d/Set_Drakan_Mage.rar/file Skins is Premium Credits djagripnos
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    http://www.mediafire.com/file/t180yw0d5sdeie0/Set_Lord_Master.rar/file Skins Is Premium Credits djagripnos
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    Hi, here's short explantation for CustomJewel.txt [MUServer\Data\Custom] if using MAIN_INFO remember to sync with CustomJewel.txt in [MuServer\Tools\MAIN_INFO] File Function: This file define custom jewels functions. Section 0: Jewel Informations [Hidden Content] Section 1: On Jewel success. [Hidden Content] Section 2: On Jewel failure. [Hidden Content]
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