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    Latest WebEngine [1.2.1] Open-source for any MUOnline server. Looking for good MUOnline server website? [Hidden Content] Prerequisites: Here's what you need to run WebEngine CMS Apache mod_rewrite PHP 5.6 or higher PHP PDO dblib/odbc/sqlsrv cURL Extension OpenSSL Extension short_open_tag enabled JSON Installation: Make sure your web server meets the requirements to run the CMS [Prerequisites] Upload and extract the release files to your web server Run WebEngine CMS Installer yourwebsite.com/install and follow the instructions If you've made custom website which means custom modules, pages or source code modifications then make sure that your old website backup has been made and it's in safe place! Setting up the master cron job: WebEngine CMS utilizes cron jobs (scheduled tasks) to keep your website information updated. To set-up the master cron job please follow the instructions below. Add the master cron job to cPanel Log-in to your cPanel account Navigate to Advanced -> Cron Jobs Scroll down to "Add New Cron Job" Select the common setting "Once Per Minute" Add WebEngine's master cron path inside the "Command" field: /usr/bin/php -q /home/PATH_TO_YOUR_WEBENGINE_FILES/includes/cron/cron.php >/dev/null Add the master cron job to Webmin Log-in to your Webmin panel Navigate to System -> Scheduled Cron Jobs Click on "Create a new scheduled cron job" Set Execute cron job as to apache Set Command to /usr/bin/php -q /var/www/html/_PATH_TO_YOUR_WEBENGINE_FILES_/includes/cron/cron.php Check Times and dates selected below .. Set Minutes, Hours, Days, Months, Weekdays to All Click Create Note: Make sure you edit PATH_TO_YOUR_WEBENGINE_FILES with the path to your website files. Changelog for version 1.2.1 (official data) Added player exclusion to gens rankings (issue #33) Fixed reset rankings ordering (issue #37) Added full support for IGCN Season 15 Added full support for XTeam Season 14 Added Simplified Chinese language (by @amarillonmc) Fixed issue with username case sensitivity Fixed website description [AdminCP] Fixed connection history logs sorting order Online characters cron task optimized Character country cron task optimized Castle sisge module recoded Removed support for MuEngine server files Removed configurations for MuEmu and Louis files (use XTeam configuration instead) MuEngine's PvP Last Stand rankings removed MuEngine's master key recovery system removed Fixed Terms of Service module title not being displayed Privacy policy module added Refund policy module added [AdminCP] Warning message added when installing a plugin while the plugin system is disabled Gens rankings cron task optimized Recoded cron job system [AdminCP] Online accounts module improved My account user control panel module improved [AdminCP] Removed half-implemented admincp permission system (will be remade in the future) [AdminCP] Cache manager module created Fixed issue with credit system misconfiguration display in user control panel Added date to database error logs Added custom log file for PHP errors News system general improvements Sidebar modules improvements Added support for Open Graph Tags in template (for social media) Reset character module improved and new options added Unstick character module improved and new options added Clear PK module improved and new options added Reset Stats module improved and new options added Add Stats module improved and new options added Clear skill tree module improved and new options added Added class groups PayPal donation gateway updated PHPMailer updated to v6.1.7 Server information and website settings improved Plugin system improved Added Russian language Added Lithuanian language Added support for Season 1 (VI_CURR_INFO table, manual toggle on configuration file) Castle siege banner replaced with sidebar widget Added support for PHP 7.3 Added support for PHP 7.4 General improvements to default template General improvements made to the CMS We don't recommend to use the website engine under XAMPP/APACHE Setup the website on proper webhosting splitted with game-server
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    Fast And Easy Installation Fast Automatic Upgrade System Plugin System (Develope Your Own Modules) Supports Unlimited Amount Of Servers Multilanguage Support Seo Friendly Any Type Of WebServer Support More Than 1000 Configuration Options In Administration Panel Free Setup Active Support / Development News Page Registration Page Lost password page Downloads Page Rankings Page Players Ranking Guilds Ranking Voters Ranking Killers Ranking Gens Ranking Online Ranking BC Ranking DS Ranking CC Ranking Duel Ranking Gens Ranking Online Players List Ban List GM List About Page Info About Server Server Statistics Market Statistics Cry Wolf Info Castle Siege Info Info Page Info About Character Character Stats Character Account Info Character Guild Info View Character Inventory Info About Guild Media Page Guides Page Rules Page Account Panel (Switch between user modules) Account Logs (Every action user did can be found here) Shop Page (Supports every item and option up to Season 14) Shopping Card (Purchase any amount of items at once) Donation Page (10 automatic methods) Paypal Paymentwall 2CheckOut PagSeguro Fortumo PayGol SuperRewards PayCall Interkassa CuentaDigital Can add any other method on request Market Page (Buy / Sell items for Web/Game currency or Jewels, advanced item filter) Market Logs (View currently selling, sold items, restore items fro market) Warehouse Page (Remove trash items, send items to market or web warehouse) Web Warehouse Page (Supports unlimited amount of items to be stored) Refferal System (Very wide configuration) Vip System (Supported by any server files, unlimited vip packages) Reset System (Very wide configuration) GrandReset System (Very wide configuration) Add Stats System Reset Stats System Hide Character Info Page Wcoin Exchange System Warp Character System PK Clear System Clear Inventory System Clear SkillTree System Zen Wallet VoteReward System (7 api support, monthly reward support) Change Class System Change Name System Buy Level System Buy Stats System Buy GM Status System Trade Online Time System Stats Specialization System (Save and load your character stat builds) Account Settings Page (Change passwor, email, recover master key) Ticket / Support System Email Notification DashBoard WIth Usefull information News Composer Galery Manager Downloads Manager Website Settings Pages (More that 1000 Configuration Options) Logs Pages Server Manager (Accounts, Characters, Server List, IP Tools) Bulk Mailer (Send bulk emails to your players) Shop Manager (Add/Edit/Import Items, Edit Categories, Socket, Ancient, Harmony Options, Edit Warehouse, Web Currencies, Search Items) Support Page (Read/Answer Support Request, Create Support Departments) GM Manager (Add/Remove/Edit GameMasters, Set GM Announcement) VoteReward Manager (Add/Edit/Remove Voting Links) Guides Manager(Add/Edit/Remove Guides) GM Feature Ban Unban Characters/Accounts Search Tools IP Tools Credits Added SUPPORTED MuOnline SERVER VERSIONS: All Gratis by Evilek: -add support s14 -add support s15 -Premium Plugin: Character Market Plugin, Paddle Plugin, ruud_exchange, mercadopago, Top Monster Killer Rankings, Exchange Web Currency Stats Specialization Plugin, WalletOne Plugin and more Download: [Hidden Content]
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    Hello community this launcher is free and has basic functions. [Hidden Content] Password: PTYNETWORK Details: Autoupdate. Window Mode. Set resolution screen. Set On and Off music and sound. Default Account. Set min and max color. Credits: MY HEART
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    ImperiaMuCMS Features & Information Version 2.0.7 [Nulled] [Hidden Content] [03-05-2020] 2.0.7 Patch notes [+] [Language] Added strings: activityrewards_36, changemail_txt_9, forgotpass_txt_5, resetcharacter_txt_88, exc_opt_earring_left_5 - exc_opt_earring_left_9, exc_opt_earring_right_5 - exc_opt_earring_right_9, icewindvalley_txt_1 - icewindvalley_txt_16, breadcrumb_icewindvalley, profiles_txt_53 - profiles_txt_55 [+] [Language] Modified strings: template_txt_6, template_txt_7, template_txt_10, profiles_txt_49, profiles_txt_51 [+] Added "Select Character" option to Activity Rewards module [+] Added option to disable Secret Question/Answer in Change Email module [+] Updated PHPMailer lib [+] Added option to use SSL encryption in email config [+] Added support for new Ancestral earrings [+] Added Ice Wind Valley module - UNIQUE [+] Updated Castle Siege widget design [+] Updated Guild profile module - added information about total won CS, Arka and Ice Wind Valley [!] [AdminCP] Fixed New Registration logs - not working search [!] Fixed MMTOP200 API - updated parameters [!] Fixed Castle Siege History cron issue when castle doesn't have owner [!] Fixed Forgot Password module when "multi-account" enabled [!] Fixed Reset Skill Tree not working properly on older seasons [!] Fixed not working "Return Item" in "My Market Items" module [!] Fixed issues with deadlocks on DataServer cased by triggers [!] Fixed incorrect currency name in Items Inventory for webshop purchases [!] Fixed other issues marked as "Fixed" in Bug Tracker Basic Information: Supported versions - Season 6 - 15 Supported files: IGCN Supported 3 types of connection: PDO DbLib PDO Sqlsrv PDO ODBC Supported multiple languages (English in default) Easy installation with website requirements check Cached modules data Optimized Secured Regular Modules: News Register Supports recruit system Login/Logout Lost Password Downloads Client Patch Tool Changelogs Server Files Website Bug Tracker Auto-rewarding of approved reports (configurable) Rankings Top Characters Top Guilds Top Duels Top Killers Top Gens Top Online Top Voters Automated monthly reward for top 5 voters (can be disabled) Top Level Top Master Level Top Resets Top Grand Resets Blood Castle Devil Square Chaos Castle Illusion Temple Castle Siege Top Achievements Online Players Characters Score Married Daily / Weekly / Monthly Rankings Monster Hunter Rankings More rankings on request Donation Paypal Paymentwall SuperRewards Interkassa MercadoPago PagSeguro Pay.nl PayGol Homepay.pl PayU.pl Western Union (not automated) Support for adding custom donation methods (not automated) More donation systems on request Guides Events Timer Boss Timer Search Character Profiles Character Guild About Server Information Statistics Rules Terms of Service FAQ UserCP With account information and list of modules UserCP Modules: Unique Webshop Supports single items, items packages and mystery boxes. Supports multiple currencies Gifting* A lot of configs Buy VIP Suports 4 types of VIP Supports multiple currencies Vote for Server Protected against fake votes: Xtremetop100 GTop100 TopG MMOTop200 mmotop.ru More on request Reset Character Configurable limit, requirements and reward Grand Reset Character Configurable limit, requirements and reward Add Stats Configurable limit and requirements Reset Stats Configurable requirements Reset Skill Tree Configurable requirements Unstuck Character Configurable requirements Clear PK Configurable requirements Clear Inventory Configurable requirements Exchange System New dynamic exchange system with option to configure exchanges by yourself Transfer Coins Transfer website coins to other players Transfer Character Transfer your character to another account Market System Supports multiple currencies Web Bank Store Zen and Jewels in bank and use them in Market Option to configure custom items My Vault Add items to market Delete items from vault Upgrade items Items Inventory Storage for webshop purchases and promo codes rewards Promo Codes System Supports 3 types of codes: Codes per Account (everyone can use it once) Unique Codes (code can be used only once by first player) Assigned Codes (code is assigned to account and can not be used by other players) Supports 10 types of rewards: Platinum Coins Gold Coins Silver Coins Single Item Items Package Random Item (from pre-defined) VIP Subscription WCoinC Goblin Points Zen Recruit a Friend Reward for both accounts after reached requirements Report Bug Get reward for approved reports Support Ticket System Rename Character Change Class Change Password Change Email Account Balance Shows amount of remaining website and in-game currencies Account Activities Shows all account activities in last 7 days Account Settings AdminCP: Possible to configurate access rights for admins for each module in AdminCP Modules: News Management Changelogs Management Bug Tracker Reports Management Accounts Management Characters Management Ban Management Credits Management Website Configuration Admins & GMs Management Modules Management Languages Management Cron Jobs Management Support Ticket Management Webshop Management Promo Codes management And much more... Premium Modules: Achievements Wheel of Fortune Architect Starting Kit Cash Shop Lottery Auctions Dual Stats Dual Skill Tree Badges System Activity Rewards More information about modules above (description, functionality, configs, etc.) will be provided on request. Server requirements: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or newer Webserver requirements: IonCube Loaders 5.0.15 or newer Apache/Nginx (IIS is not supported atm) PHP 7.2 cURL extension PDO extension - DbLib / SqlSrv / ODBC mcrypt extension mbstring extension bcmath extension GD extension OpenSSL extension Session extension Simple XML extension XML extension XML Reader extension XML Writer extension mod_rewrite or alternative module All requirements are checked in installation process. Before you will proceed with ImperiaMuCMS installation please check your PHP setting for uploading files. - Open your php.ini in preferred text editor. - Search for "upload_max_filesize" setting. - If value of your config is less then "32M", update it to this value. It might look like this: - ;Maximum allowed size for uploaded files. - ;PHP: Description of core php.ini directives - Manual [Somente membros podem ver os links. ] - upload_max_filesize = 32M - This configuration will prevent errors during ImperiaMuCMS's database structure and data import. Value "32M" is the minimum recommend setting, however, you can put there any other size (e.g. 64M, 128M, 256M, etc.). Installation of website: - Download full package of ImperiaMuCMS - Copy files from ImperiaMuCMS folder to your web server. - Open browser and go to <your_domain>/<relative_path>/install/index.php to start installation process. - Check system requirements.If everything is green (there can be red PDO drivers, but at least one must be green), continue on next step. - Enter license key and your email address what you used in registration form here on forums. If you provided correct information, license will be activated and you can continue on next step. - Generate configuration file. Enter SQL info, setup basic website stuff and write some info about your server. Continue on next step. - Click on "START INSTALLATION" button and wait until page will loads. After it will be done, you can remove install folder due to security reasons and change chmod of ./includes/config.php back to 664. - Update all IGCN server files located in ./includes/files/IGCN/ with your files used by Game Server. - Website is now ready to use. You can open ./includes/config.php to configure another stuff like administration access etc. - As a last step it's highly recommended to use "Special Tools" functionality in AdminCP to update data stored in database. - Use function "Add Items into Database" to import missing items into database. - Use function "Update Items in Database" to update existing items and their attributes based on your ItemList.xml configuration. - Use function "Add Items into Webshop" to import items into webshop automatically. After this operation review items in webshop and delete those which you don't want to sell. - Use function "Import Castle Siege Settings" to import your CS configs from server files to automatically setup Siege times in CS module. - Use function "Generate MonsterKillCount XML" to generate MonsterKillCount.xml data so your server files will keep information about every killed monster. We don't recommend to use the website engine under XAMPP/APACHE Setup the website on proper webhosting splitted with game-server
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