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  3. i'm having same problem. License invalid
  4. ImperialmuCMS 2.0.12 http://imperiacms.com/ support Season 16 ! [+] [Language] Added strings: settings_txt_23 - settings_txt_24, hide_1 - hide_14, market_txt_227 - market_txt_234, exc_opt_ice_dragon_0 - exc_opt_ice_dragon_4, exc_opt_ice_dragon_bonus_0 - exc_opt_ice_dragon_bonus_4, item_detail_txt_18 - item_detail_txt_29, vault_txt_4 - vault_txt_12, register_txt_37 - register_txt_39, transfercoins_txt_19 - transfercoins_txt_20 [+] [Language] Modified strings: transfercoins_txt_2 [+] [AdminCP] Added new paid module - Hex Code Replace Tool (updates items in Items Inventory and Claim a Reward modules with selected hex code - can be used to fix custom jewels new category and/or just update rewards or items) [+] Added new Premium Plus module - Hide Status [+] Added My History page in Market module [+] Enabled Event Inventory module on S9 [+] Added support to improve SX items in My Vault module [+] Added support to improve 4th wings in My Vault module [+] Added support to improve new pendants (exc + socket) in My Vault module [+] Added new configs to My Vault module - price & max opts configurations for SX options [+] Improved tooltip of Fenrir, Ghost Horse and Ice Dragon mounts [+] Added "Confirm Email Address" into register form [+] Added javascript checks for password and email confirmations [+] Disabled option to paste text into password and email confirmations [+] Added support for multi-warehouse system in My Vault module [+] Added new config to Transfer Coins module - tax percentage [-] Removed support for recaptcha v1 [!] [AdminCP] Fixed socket edit issues [!] Fixed two-fact auth not sending an email [!] Fixed incorrect language in recaptcha [!] Fixed SQL error in weekly and monthly Guild rankings
  5. hi good day! i am looking for Season 3 file, i just want to try in my pc. pls share if you have.. big thanks
  6. ImperialmuCMS alweys only igcn file
  7. give us the source code of this server for free access
  8. Hello! What is it ? Notice: Undefined index: e in C:\xampp\htdocs\index.php on line 22
  9. ImperialmuCMS alweys only igcn file
  10. Some modules are protected by a license, they do not work. without decryption it cannot be used ....... only with IGC files.
  11. Any solution for invalid license? Thanks!
  12. Hmmm strange becouse me work perfekt and see other people same work but no problem i chceck again and say how fix problem 😉
  13. Version 1.0.0


    15.00 EUR

  14. http://mu-loc.com/index.php?/files/category/2-webengine-121-premium-plugins/
  15. Version 2.2.0


    Weekly Lottery System PREMIUM PLUGIN This plugin it's a fully automated weekly lottery system. Fully configurable through WebEngine's AdminCP. How it works? The lottery will be automatically scheduled every week. Your players will be able to purchase new tickets for every lottery using their account's credits. Each lottery ticket consists of 4 numbers. Once the lottery reaches the number revealing day it will close all ticket purchases and display the numbers on the lottery home, at this point the lottery is finished but the players will get their rewards when the lottery ending day comes. Once the lottery reaches the end day it will automatically send out all the credits to the users with winning tickets. The player's credit reward depends on how many numbers they got right. Each matching number get a certain percentage of the jackpot, which is then evenly distributed to all winners. This lottery system uses an accumulative jackpot. Meaning that every time a user buys a ticket, a configured amount of percent of that ticket value will go to the jackpot, making it bigger. Configurations: Initial jackpot Numbers range (min/max) Ticket cost Ticket profit percent (amount of % that you keep from the ticket cost, the rest goes to the accumulated jackpot) Possible wins percentages (amount of % winners receive from matches) Starting day Numbers reveal day Ending day Starting and ending times Credit system integrated Ticket history limit Maximum allowed tickets (per lottery) Preview (screenshots): More Screenshots: Compatibility: v1.0.0 - v2.1.0 WebEngine 1.0.9.x WebEngine 1.1.x v2.2.0 WebEngine 1.2.x Price: 10 Euro Changelog: Code: [1.0.0][12/21/2014] - Initial release [2.0.0][06/24/2017] - Compatibility update - Style improvements - Code improvements [2.1.0][11/08/2018] - Multiple fixes [2.2.0][05/04/2019] - Compatibility update

    10.00 EUR

  16. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Rename Character PREMIUM PLUGIN Description: Allows players to change the name of their characters by using credits (WebEngine credit system). Preview (screenshots): Compatibility: v1.0.0 WebEngine 1.2.x Price: 6 Euro Changelog: Code: [1.0.0][2019-10-20] - Initial release

    6.00 EUR

  17. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Paygol Donations PREMIUM PLUGIN Description: Allows players to purchase credits and receive them automatically using the Paygol donations gateway. Preview (screenshots): Compatibility: v1.0.0 WebEngine 1.2.x Price: 10 Euro Changelog: Code: [1.0.0][2020-05-14] - Initial release

    10.00 EUR

  18. Version 1.1.0

    1 download

    VIP Membership PREMIUM PLUGIN Description: Allows the player to purchase a VIP membership using WebEngine's credit system. The plugin allows up to 4 types of VIP; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The player is allowed to either buy a new membership or extend their existing one. Preview (screenshots): Compatibility: v1.0.0 WebEngine 1.2.x Price: 6 Euro Changelog: Code: [1.0.0][2019-10-05] - Initial release [1.1.0][2020-03-14] - added package discounts - added automatic usercp links

    6.00 EUR

  19. Version 1.0.0


    Transfer Ruud PREMIUM PLUGIN Description: Allows your users to transfer ruud from player to player. A transfer fee can be configured. Works with WebEngine's Credit System. Preview (screenshots): Compatibility: v1.0.0 WebEngine 1.2.x Price: 5 Euro Changelog: Code: [1.0.0] - Initial release

    5.00 EUR

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